Starting Over

With the redesign of GregsGuitar.Com on WordPress, I've created a new concept for the site.

HoustonGuitar.Com is my main teaching site. The Articles and Useful Information section that has floated back and forth between Gregs and Houston have a permanent home at HoustonGuitar.

GregsGuitar has been different things over the years. I started selling CD-ROMs on Ebay, moved from there to lesson downloads. For years, the site generated more private lesson leads than I could handle, so I stopped selling anything.

The last few years have changed my perspective as a player and teacher. I've got a lot to say to the music community that has recently organized through social media. This blog, along with the one at HoustonGuitar.Com, and one that we're planning at Houston Percussion Center, is where I'll have those discussions.

You can contact me with responses. If I feel they're appropriate, I'll post them, but I'm not opening up unmoderated discussions, at least for now.

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