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Our first lessons cover chords and leads using a mix of fretted notes and open strings. These play-along videos guide you through playing chords and melodies using notes on the first 4 frets.

open chords & strumming

Our open chord and strumming lessons will help you learn essential techniques for pro-level guitarists in any popular style. These play-along exercises give you a solid workout on key skills for rhythm guitar in open position.

Arranged by skill level  —   Click on the links below

Alternating Open Chords
Practice changing between pairs of chords - Strum 3 times over each chord at a slow temp - Strum 2 times over each chord at a faster tempo.
        24 Practice Videos + Explanations

Open Chord Sweeps
This is the easiest way to play arpeggios over open common chord shapes. We’ll learn to pull the pick across the stings one at a time, pausing to rest the pick on each string before playing the note.
        12 Practice Videos + Explanations

Open Bass Down Strumming
This is an essential technique for every guitarist in every style. Especially important for acoustic, country and folk guitarists. An important foundation for more advanced techniques. Also includes ‘bass bass down’ strumming, where you pick the bass note twice before the strum.
        14 Practice Videos + Explanations

Open Chord Cross Pick
This technique gives you better control when you’re picking individual strings over open chords, especially at higher tempos. Start with the same patterns we did in Open Sweeps, except this time we will alternate pick. Play along with these practice routines, and you will have techniques necessary to play dozens of intricate chord-picking patterns.
     66 Practice Videos + Explanations

Open Chord Melody
Our first look at the grey area between rhythm and lead guitar. These versatile patterns can function as either rhythm guitar, lead guitar, or both at the same time.
     66 Practice Videos + Explanations

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+ Open Power Chords
Not just beginners’ cheats, these shapes are the key to getting a range of sounds that you can’t get any other way. This set of easy, great sounding chord forms is the basis for thousands of guitar parts in real songs. Can be played on both electric and acoustic guitar.
       24 Practice Videos + Explanations