A lot of people come to me with the things they've half-learned from Youtube. It's impossible to cover all the details in a lesson video. And if you do, you end up with a long and complicated video. A good teacher can help pick out the details that matter to you, based on what you already know.

I can help you put the finishing touches on the things you 'mostly know.' That usually means fixing minor technique and timing problems. That often means getting back to basics: open chords, power chords, scales, strumming and picking. I can also help you understand the things you're learning on Youtube in terms of musical concepts.

This gives you the tools you need to move beyond lesson videos, to play-alongs and backing track videos, and then to learning and interacting with real music. You can even find people to make music with, anywhere in the world.

I'm a big fan of Youtube. I think it's more entertaining than 97% of cable TV. It can be  educational and inspiring. It can be a personal connection to the outside world.

Greg's Playlists on Youtube (user: HoustonGuitar) and Spotify

Check out my music playlists on Youtube and Spotify. Get a historical context to rock music by recreating radio station playlists from different eras. A different perspective from 'classic rock' programming formats. Greg's radio playlists are snapshots of Classic Rock like it really was.

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