"Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself ..."

Here are a few videos of my band, Fuzzy Side Up, taken and posted on Youtube by other people, in 2011 and 2012. (Keep in mind the videos that play automatically after these are probably not me, because there are other bands with our same name, and my band has had other guitar players since 2013.)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Greg V on guitar with Houston's Fuzzy Side Up in 2011 - Mike's Ultimate Sports Bar
The strummng in the first half follows Brian May’s part. From the second verse on, I play it a lot busier than May, including the solo and outro. May’s original part is tasteful, but sparse — a little too sparse for live. My lead fills add to the energy, even if they walk on the singer a little.

Listen To The Music - Greg V on guitar with Fuzzy Side Up in its original incarnation, with Frank Carr on drums. Thanks, as always, to Houston Music News for making the video and posting.

Fly Away - Greg V on guitar with Fuzzy Side Up. Filling in on short notice in 2015. FSU in its second incarnation. Guitar solo at 2:33 just to make the song a little longer. Thanks again to Houston Music News.