Your questions to me, and my questions for you.

The top portion of this page has questions I am often asked by students. The bottom of the page has some questions I'd like you to consider if you decide to take a lesson.

What equipment do I need for Skype lessons.

You need a webcam, a computer and a broad band internet connection.

Skype to Skype calls are free. You can even Skype free on your mobile phone if you use the Skype app.

Can I ask to learn a specific song?

Yes. Custom song requests are no problem, bring 'em on.** I'm an expert at working songs out by ear. It doesn't matter if I know the song.  If you have all the technique you need for the song you've requested, we can jump right in. If you don't have all the technique you need, then we'll work the specific areas you need for that song.

If you have a few basic skills, then there are hundreds of simple songs in all styles - songs simple enough for you to learn them, and add them to your list of completed songs.

** Within reason. I'm very fast and efficient at writing out song parts. I can write out a lot in the course of a 30 minute lesson. If you have a large transcription project, I'll work out a very reasonable rate with you.


What if I don't know what I want to learn?

Then let's get together and see if I can find something you like.

I have a variety of lesson routines for all techniques and styles. Try out some of my standard lessons. They will introduce you to all sorts of cool sounds and cool songs.

I hope you can at least tell me what kind of music you like, especially what kind of guitar music. That gives me a good idea of what areas you're interested in learning.






My Questions For You ...

I don't have an 'agenda' as a teacher, other than to get you on your way to your musical destination with the guitar.

One of the most difficult things for me, or any teacher who creates individualized lessons for their students, is just understanding what you, the student, is trying to accomplish. That's because students often can't tell me anything except, "I want to play guitar."

I can understand what you're trying to if you're ready to fill me in on a few things about you, and what you want to accomplish.

Is your guitar easy to play, or hard to play?

Do you like your guitar?

What style of music do you like?

What are some of your favorite songs?

Do you know other people who play guitar? Who play music?

Do you want to play music with other people?

Do you play along with music, or recordings?

Do you like classical music? Do you like country music? Do you like blues music?