Greg V

I've been involved in the Houston music scene for more than 25 years. I played with Houston's Fuzzy Side Up for 11 years. (Other 'FSUs' from other states also post videos.) Here are some videos of me from years past.

Since 2013, I've focused exclusively on teaching and developing new lessons and play-alongs. I am partnering with the Houston Percussion Center and Groove Music School to create innovative lesson programs for guitar, piano and bass.

Planning On Going Pro? Going To College?

I have more than 20 years experience as a teacher, and more than 30 years as a working musician. I've seen a lot of changes over the years. Changes in the music, the business, and the students.

If you're trying to break into the biz, I can help you get the skills you need in ways that accredited schools can't. They're not in the business of prepping you for key opportunities based on your individual needs.

Are you preparing for something? An audition or performance? I can't perform miracles, but I can put you on a course of steady improvement to carry you as far as you can go between now and your showdown with destiny.

Instruments I Teach

My main instruments are guitar and bass. I also have lesson programs for rock piano. As a multi-instrumentalist, I can teach these instruments in any combination. You can switch between instruments whenever you want. As with all of my lessons, there's no note reading necessary to learn to play, jam or record. I can also help you with reading, theory, arranging.


Electric and Acoustic

Condition your hands to get past beginners' discomfort once and for all. If you've got your musical destination, I've got a plan to get you there.

Bass Guitar

4 String Electric

Easy to understand, but difficult to control. Its ability to play percussion, chords and melody makes the bass guitar the most elastic instrument in the band.


Piano, Organ, Synth

With a few basic exercises and a few basic concepts, you can play along with some of your favorite songs. One of the only concept-based, 'no-reading' programs available.

Take Lessons With Greg

You can have the benefits of my expertise and practice materials at your home or office for the same price as music-store lessons.