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The Future of Guitar Instruction

  • Schedule when it's convenient for you. No future obligation, no guilt trips.
  • No note reading. Visual, play-by-ear approach. Learn to "read by ear."
  • Learn to play in real time with real music. Jam out with your favorite songs.
  • Learn to pick out songs by ear as your guitar vocabulary grows.
  • Get past the discomfort in your hands.
  • Classic rock, blues, Texas country, 'jazzy,' reggae/world beat.
  • Learn rhythm and lead styles.
  • You get a personal guided practice page. Practice  tracks ensure you're getting the most from your practice time.
  • I'm great at helping you work out songs.
  • Price: $30 / Half hour lesson

Your ability to play with real music is your true measure as a player.

I don't have any requirements about what you learn, how often you practice, or how often you take lessons.

I don't teach from books, unless you have something you need help with.

"Reading by ear"  Every college music student  takes transcription tests where they listen to a phrase and write it down. Instead of writing it down, we're playing it back. I've recorded my practice tracks to systematically develop your technique and your ability to read by ear. An easy way to learn common musical patterns used in thousands of songs.

After a while, you're able to pick out guitar parts on your own. You learn to imitate what another guitar is doing by playing it back on your guitar. It's pretty logical when you look at it that way. And yes, it really is that simple.

When it comes to playing rock, the game of creating good music isn't won or lost on the printed page. It's won or lost based on your hands-on skills as a player and interpreter of the music you're playing. It's won or lost in the moment. Some takes are better than others.

When you learn to read by ear, and play by ear, then your relationship to your music library changes. It's not just for entertainment, it's also a reference library because now you're one of the people "in the know."

Lead Guitar

I'm a great improvisor, rhythm and lead. My lead style combines rock, blues, country, jazz and world-beat. I can channel Eric, Carlos and Carlton at will. I can give you a solid sense of what your scale options are in any situation. I've got the feel and the chops. Let me show you the ropes.

Leads can be more than single lines. There is a vast grey area of chord melody parts that work as both rhythm and lead figures.

Online Practice Tracks

Practicing with my custom play-along tracks help you to develop a strong sense of rhythm and groove. They are well-performed, well-produced and stylistically authentic. Don't take my word for it. Click on the link below, and see for yourself.

Getting Started

Make Peace With Your Guitar  Getting over the steep learning curve every first time guitarist faces can be nearly effortless with the right approach. Move beyond the discomfort once and for all.

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Get More From Youtube

I'll Help You Learn More On Youtube. Youtube teaches lots of people to play guitar, but it has its limitations. I can help you perfect what you learn. Also create music with free online resources like Audacity, Musescore, VST Planet and more.

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Getting Un-Stuck

'Stuck' intermediates have the skills to get out of 'preparation' mode, and get into 'creative' mode. The problem is, you've never asked yourself what you want to do once you're finished 'preparing.' It's time to open your mind, and review your options.

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I'm in early and up late. I'll do the best I can to work with your schedule.